Having a great negotiator working on your behalf, in any deal, is worth money in your pocket. In business and in the deals you make all the time in daily life, you never want to pay more than you must for the things you want or need.

Having a professional on your side always strengthens your position and saves you money. Whether you a retail seller or a consumer, you’re always keen to have a competitive edge.

The Heart of the Haggle: Why You Need to Rethink Sales

It’s almost instinctive, that need for a negotiating edge – and why? Because we come for a history of bargaining, bartering and haggling.

It’s really only in the modern era that we’ve left behind the traditions of old-time markets. Today, both professional marketers and ordinary people use new criteria for making decisions about price.

And modern retail consumers have been browbeaten into believing that price isn’t negotiable.

A news flash: that’s wrong, and it’s not serving online retailers that well.
After all, we’re shifting into a post-COVID world in which economies are unstable, money is tight, job security is fleeting, and growing numbers of people are working and living online. Markets – and especially online retail markets – are changing rapidly to meet evolving customer demands, especially where pricing and inventory access are concerned.

Are you ready to change your basic thinking about “the heart of the haggle?”

Why You Need a Negotiator: Nobody Wants to Settle

If you’re an online retailer, you may feel like the foundations of your business are shifting right under your feet. Your customers may feel increasingly frustrated in their search for the best deals on the items they want. The more that happens, the less likely you are to retain them as long-term buyers.

In fact, you may find yourself fighting supply issues, increasing overheads, savage competition involving catastrophic discounts, and more. If you set prices or offer discounts based only on your sense of the competition, you’ll drive buyers to settle for what they can get, rather than what they want or need, at prices that don’t make them feel warm and fuzzy.

They won’t thank you for that. And you’ll be settling as well, living with spiraling costs and declining profits because you think you have no choice.

That’s no way to handle your online retail business, and it certainly won’t help your customers with their personal buying decisions online.

You need help – some smart assistance from a source you can trust. You know – the kind of smart assistance that provides a reliable, consistent way of letting customers negotiate price without forcing you into deep discounts or driving buyers to your competition.

The solution: Purple Dot.

It’s a New Day: Let Purple Dot Be Your Digital Negotiator

Purple Dot provides a complete solution for allowing your online customers to negotiate for the prices they want to pay for items. It allows them to make purchases based on percentage discounts they specify.

A buyer offers to buy at a desired discount and submits the information required for the purchase. Then the buyer waits to learn whether you’re content to conclude the sale at the stated discount. If you are, the transaction is complete, and both you and your customer are happy.

Automated negotiation. We love it. You win, and your customer wins – and that customer will keep coming back because the ability to negotiate a retail price is absolute gold.

If you reject the offer, nobody loses money and the customer has the option of completing the purchase at the regular price. If the item has been selling well for you, you may not be ready to discount it to the price the buyer wants, and that’s fine.

This frees you from being trapped by potentially disastrous seasonal discount wars with your competitors. It lets your buyers feel like they’ve got an edge in buying the items they want. It gives you transaction-by-transaction control and indirectly lets you manage inventory more effectively.

Welcome to the world of smart discounting with Purple Dot, your sophisticated and flexible digital negotiator.

Reach out to Purple Dot

Let Purple Dot be your digital negotiator. Be at the forefront of online retailing by enabling your customers to have more control over their online buying, and use smart discounting to save your bottom line year-round.

During the coronavirus crisis, Purple Dot is free to try. So, reach out to us today through our website. You can talk with us by email or phone.